Regain Control Of Your Fertility Journey (Ebook for Kindle)

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“Melinda’s work is here to inspire you,” - Elena Brower - Teacher, bestselling author, speaker

An essential toolkit to help you regain control of your fertility journey and bring a baby into your life.

If you are struggling, fearful and feel out of control as you travel your path to motherhood, this book is for you.

It will teach you practical skills to feel more in control during the tough times. It will show you how to be kind to yourself rather than blaming yourself when things go wrong. And it will help you let go of the negative emotions that are holding you back.


Melinda Rushe is a mama, teacher, stress-relief expert and accredited IECL coach. She works with some of the world’s top fertility clinics, and for ten years has been helping women regain control of their fertility journeys. She is a veteran of her own challenging fertility journey and has lived through many of the experiences she describes in this book.

“After 23 IVF attempts my dream came true. Melinda’s book is the book I wish I’d had.” - Mary Coustas - Actress, comedian, TV personality and writer